ride [rīd]
rode, ridden, riding [ME riden < OE ridan, akin to Ger reiten < IE base * reidh-, to go, be in motion > L reda, four-wheel carriage]
a) to sit on and be carried along by a horse or other animal, esp. one controlled by the rider
b) to be carried along (in a vehicle, on a bicycle, etc.)
c) to move along as if so carried
d) to move along or be carried or supported in motion (on or upon) [tanks ride on treads]
2. to be fit for riding or admit of being ridden [a car that rides smoothly]
a) to move or float on the water
b) Now Rare to lie at anchor [the ships riding close to shore]
4. to seem to be floating in space
5. to overlap, as bones in a joint
6. to be dependent (on) [the change rides on his approval]
7. to be placed as a bet (on)
8. Informal to continue undisturbed, with no action taken [let the matter ride]
1. to sit on or in and control so as to move along [to ride a horse, a bicycle, etc.]
a) to move along on or be mounted, carried, or supported on [to ride the waves, to ride a merry-go-round]
b) to rest on, as by overlapping
c) to operate partially by keeping the foot on the pedal [to ride the brake]
3. to move over, along, or through (a road, fence, area, etc.) by horse, car, etc.
4. to cover (a specified distance) by riding
5. to engage in or do by riding [to ride a race]
6. to cause to ride; carry; convey
7. to mount (a female) as for copulation
8. to control, dominate, tyrannize over, or oppress: often in the past participle [ridden by doubts]
9. Informal to torment, harass, or tease by making the butt of ridicule, criticism, etc.
a) a riding; esp., a journey by horse, car, bicycle, etc.
b) a way or chance to ride
c) the way a car, etc. rides
2. a road, track, etc. for riding, esp. on horseback
3. a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, or other thing to ride, as at an amusement park
ride down
1. to hit and knock down by riding against
2. to overtake by riding
3. to overcome
4. to exhaust (a horse, etc.) by riding too long or too hard
ride out
1. to stay afloat or aloft during (a storm, etc.) without too much damage
2. to withstand or endure successfully
ride up
to move upward out of place, as an article of clothing
☆ take for a ride Slang
1. to take somewhere, as in a car, and kill
2. to cheat or swindle

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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